About Us

Custom Cuts Woodworking was founded in 2020, just outside the city of Medford, in the small Southern Oregon town of White City. We are Clayton and Caitlin Teets, the creators of all artisan goods produced at Custom Cuts. After purchasing our first home, we finally had the space to fuel our fire of creativity. Hobbies quickly became passion and our business was conceptualized.

The two of us have been dating since we were sixteen and are inseparable. After five years together, we decided it was time to tie the knot and move out of California to start a new adventure in Oregon. Clay finished receiving his Entrepreneurship degree from RCC and decided to put it to use with a new business.

Our personal interests include hiking, camping, and fishing all with the company of our two dogs. We all love the snow and enjoy spending time at Diamond or Crater Lake in the Winter, while Summers are spent cooling off in the Rogue or Illinois river. Our favorite thing to do above all else is to cook and more importantly eat! This is why we focus on the home and kitchen with our product lines because we know what hardy cookware really is.