Wood Conditioner



Custom Cuts’ Wood Conditioner is a blend of food-grade mineral oil and natural untreated beeswax to deliver the best possible treatment and protection for your wood products to last a lifetime.

Our Wood Conditioner is packaged in BPA free, freezer safe, and reusable 8 oz glass mason jars. This product can be used on cutting boards, butcher blocks and just about any other wood surfaced products in your home that comes in contact directly with food. The mineral oil component soaks in and penetrates deep into wood fibers to restore moisture, repel stain and orders, prevent cracking, and to bring out the natural sheen of the wood grain. Beeswax will help seal the wood and keep water, food particles, and harmful bacteria from penetrating the surface of your wood.

We do recommend using wood conditioner at least once a month (more if the board is used regularly) or when dry to the touch. Let wood conditioner dry for at least 30 minutes, then wipe off any excess. It is normal for your wood to appear permanently darker and slightly glossy after application.

****You may refrigerate to extend the life of the Wood Conditioner****

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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